Mews Renovation, Pimlico, London

The living space extension in Pimlico is a harmonious blend of modern design and natural elements, seamlessly integrating with the historical charm of the St. George Square block. Situated at the lower ground floor, the extension establishes a fluid transition between indoor living and an inviting outdoor courtyard.

The design prioritizes simplicity and embraces a minimalist approach, with clean lines and a light color palette dominating the aesthetic. Expansive sliding doors flood the interior with natural light, creating an airy and open atmosphere.

The courtyard, bathed in the warmth of the South sun, becomes a sanctuary for the client’s beloved olive tree and lemon plants. This outdoor space is carefully curated to provide an ideal environment for relaxation and contemplation.

On the rooftop, a soft landscape unfolds with a blanket of sedum, ensuring a dynamic display of colors and attracting wildlife throughout the changing seasons. This green oasis not only enhances the visual appeal of the extension but also serves as a welcoming environment. Tall walls shield the entrance from the street, creating a private and serene atmosphere.

  • Client: Private
  • City: Westminster City Council, London
  • Region: Greater London
  • Team: Michele Pecoraro (Architect)
  • Merchant and Associates ( Structural Engineers)
  • Elena Kostantinidou (Photographer)