Side Extension in Clapham Common, London

Responding to the client’s request, our design aimed to seamlessly integrate the previously unused external side space into the kitchen, transforming it into a vibrant open kitchen-dining area.

By maximizing the size of the roof skylight and enhancing the dimensions of the rear openings, we successfully elevated the overall daylight illumination throughout the entire house. This strategic approach not only floods the space with natural light but also creates an inviting and refreshing atmosphere.

The interior space is a testament to richness and sophistication achieved through a careful interplay of textures and finishes. The rustic brick wall and polished concrete floor, in particular, contribute to a harmonious blend, providing a visually striking contrast that adds character and depth to the living space. Immerse yourself in a home where thoughtful design choices meet functionality, creating an environment that is both visually appealing and inviting.

ht size and  rear openings dimension improved the daylight illumination throughout the house.

The richness of the interior space derives from the subtle contrast of textures and finishes, as the rustic brick wall and the polish concrete floor

Additional Info

  • Client: Private
  • City: Lambeth, London
  • Region: Greater London
  • Team:
  • Michele Pecoraro (Architect)
  • Entuitive (Civil Engineers)
  • Attilio Fiumarella (Photographer)