Side Extension Ground floor flat, Southwark, London

A transformative change awaits as the internal rear space undergoes a radical overhaul, with the flank wall taken down to create expansive openings at the rear, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor living.

The design introduces a striking contrast, marking a new chapter in the space that gracefully extends the living area to the rear. This transition not only redefines the aesthetic but also enhances the overall functionality of the living space.

In addition, the internal courtyard takes center stage, offering a flexible area that serves as an extension for bedrooms or kitchens, or stands alone as a cozy reading corner. This adaptable space adds versatility to the living experience, catering to various needs and preferences. Step into a space where innovation meets comfort, creating an inviting environment that effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle.

The internal rear space was radically altered, knocking down the flank wall and making big openings on the rear for inside/outside living.

With a contrast in the design, expressing a new stage in the space which brings the living space on the rear.

Moreover, the internal courtyard creates a flexible space that it’s used as bedroom /kitchen extension or on its own as a reading corner.

  • Additional Info
  • Client: Private
  • City: Southwark, London
  • Region: Greater London
  • Team: Michele Pecoraro (Architect)
  • Entuitive (Civil Engineers)
  • Elena Kostantinidou (Photographer)