Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

“We are delighted to share our recent award as “Most Innovative Residential Architecture Studio 2022 “by SME News.

The architecture world has evolved greatly over the past few years, with trends progressing from minimalism into maximalism, sustainability, and biophilic designs. At P+P Architects, there have been significant strides to greater incorporate bioclimatic and biophilic elements into its creations in order to make them more sustainable; however, with no set style, what does the firm have planned for the future?

Founded in 2015 by Michele Pecoraro, P+P Architects is a luxury architecture firm based in the heart of the UK’s capital city. It specialises in helping homeowners and developers deliver high standards in both living and commercial spaces, with projects ranging from house extensions to multimillion mixed developments.

Furthermore, the company, which primarily takes on residential projects, is greatly influenced by the vibrant, urban landscape, and utilises the setting to acquire a diverse array of clients. P+P Architects doesn’t have a style or a ‘signature look’ – it has a method of in which the style is developed in collaboration with the client. Consequently, every P+P Architects project is entirely bespoke, with the client’s taste being at the forefront of the development. Its portfolio is filled with projects that are unique and infused with creativity; unlike many architecture firms, P+P Architects’ projects are vibrant, combining functionality with aesthetics. Further distancing itself from its competition, P+P Architects endeavours to forge personal relationships with its clients, priding itself on its devotion to face-to-face communication.

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